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Get Tanned Safely

Joys of summer! The smell of freshly cut grass, drinking coffee on your porch, enjoying a very late sunset and of course, having a lovely tan. Have you ever wondered why we get tanned? Why does your skin gets darker and why people say it’s so harmful to you? Fortunately, I have some concise answers for you. I’m here to help you make better decisions about your skin and health in general.

First, as you surely already know, there 2 main types of UV rays, wich are UVA and UVB rays. Natural UVA rays are not as harmful as the other kind since they don’t cause direct damage to the skin. However, since they pass through glass, they are used in tanning beds in huge, enormous quantities and there, they are really harmful to the skin.

UVB rays are the most detrimental ones for your skin. Fortunately, they can’t pass through glass so it’s easier to avoid them. They are the ones responsible for sunburns and damages to DNA. UVB rays reach the dermis of your skin and kill cells in your epidermis, making you look tan. Yes, you read that well, your tan is nothing more than dead cells which become darker when they die. Moreover, those rays cause disturbances in skin cell’s DNA, eventually leading to skin cancer, also called melanomia.

Ok great, but how do I prevent it from happening?
The answer is simple: sunscreen.
I already hear you from here. ”But if I wear sunscreen, I don’t get tanned” You’re right. At first, you don’t get AS tanned AS fast as you wish for. BUT, your skin cell regenerating system won’t get as saturated with all the disturbance at once and it will make you a LOT less prone to get skin cancer.

Convincing enough.

Have a safe tanning session!

Camille xx

Cold VS Flu – Know The Difference

health flu cold
In the colder months, getting a cold or the flu is pretty common. As much as those are recurrent, they might be hard to distinguish from each other. Before I went to nursing school, I had no idea how to tell them apart and that’s why I want to share a little bit of my knowledge with you.

Cold symptoms
– Sore throat
– Runny nose
– Congestion
– Cough (mainly caused by secretions)
– Fever may occur for children

Flu symptoms:
– Sore throat
– Headache
– Muscle ache
– Fever
– Cough

While the two of them have a few symptoms in common, the biggest difference is the fever, which will mainly cause the muscle ache.  If you’re still not sure how to distinguish one from the other, just know that if you have the flu, you almost won’t be able to get up from your couch. With a cold, you feel more tired but you’re still able to work and go through your normal day since it’s a milder respiratory illness than the flu.  Also, the flu will normally last longer than a cold.

How to prevent them both:
The BEST advice anyone working in healthcare could give you is to wash your hands pretty much all the time. This is the best way to stay away from a numerous amount of diseases.

How to heal them:
Cold – Decongestants and pain relievers if needed.
Flu – Decongestants, pain relievers, fever reducers.

You will never need any antibiotics to heal those two illnesses. The only time you will need them is if it turns out to be a bacterial infection such as a pneumonia.  Remember that the flu virus can stay alive for 72 hours on a hard surface so don’t forget to disinfect around your house!

Hope this helps!
Happy healing!


Beat The Winter Blues

Since the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) (also known as Winter Blues) prevalence is around 5% in North America, having good tips to avoid it can be really helpful. As someone who gets affected a lot by the weather, I read a lot about it in my textbooks between 2 of my studying sessions. Here, I’m gonna spare you doing all the researches since I’ve made them for you. These 3 tips are scientifically proven to get you through the short winter days.

1) Get outside. I know, I know, it seems so simple but yet too often neglected. The main cause of the SAD is the lack of daylight. Even if it’s not sunny outside, even if it’s cold, you need to go out. A 15 mins walk in the morning will highly improve your mood for the day and/or a 15 mins walk at night will drastically improve your sleep. And hey, don’t forget to open all your blinds during the day!

2) Moderate hearty foods. (Well, only after the holidays of course) Sometimes, in winter, we tend to eat a lot more of hearty foods and forget about eating healthy snacks and meals. I understand that hot pizza and fries seem more comforting than a pineapple. Just think about how you will feel afterwards. Eat food that will give you plenty of energy and naturally your mood will improve a lot.

3) Keep active. Unlike some websites will tell you, you don’t need to exercise like a crossfit athlete to beat the winter blues. By keeping yourself from having a 3 hours Netflix marathon everyday and staying busy instead you’ll see a difference in no time. The reason is quite simple. When you occupy your time with simple or harder tasks, you tend to forget about how it is outside. It’s a wonderful time to start a new hobby or even declutter your home.

As you can see, you don’t need a list of 50 ways to beat the winter blues. The best way to keep on track is to keep it simple.


Get The Best Skin You’ve Ever Had

GET THE BEST SKINI’m guilty as charged. I watched like 100 different skincare routine videos on YouTube and you know what? Throughout all the research I’ve done on the subject, I came to find the most universal and best way to look good when bare faced.

Yes. It works for pretty much everyone. Well, it WOULD  if people gave the runner a chance. In the beauty industry, people want to sell products. Sad but true. They want to make you believe that you need this $75 toner and that $45 cleanser. Well, you don’t. In fact, if they do wonders for you I’m happy but I want to help you to upgrade your skincare regiment while making it wallet friendly.

For fun, let’s make a list of what we are supposed to need:
-Face makeup remover
-Eyes makeup remover
-Night hydrating cream
-Day hydrating cream
-Hydrating serum
-Eye cream

I think that’s pretty much it. Then, what if I told you that you could replace a lot of products mentioned here with only one? I know I know, it seems too wonderful to be true but trust me, as someone who struggled with severe acne (I literally had like 3-4 breakouts for every square inch of my face and back -gross, I know) I had to find a solution. Back in time, I tried almost every ProActiv and Clean & Clear acne product on the market. Every one of them left me with even worst acne a few days later. Those products strip your skin of its natural oils and then, naturally, your skin reacts by producing more and more oil, making the acne uncontrollable.

That was all before I went to see my doctor about this issue. She told me that the less products I would use, the better my skin would react. In fact, she told me to use regular Dove soap to wash my face (or the one for sensitive skin). That’s right, your good old Dove soap can make such a big difference. Believing her was hard at first since I was taught by all those beauty gurus that I needed 15 different products in my bathroom cabinet. Then, I gave it a chance. It’s so gentle that you can remove your eye makeup/face makeup with it, wash your face, and dish your toner. Even more, if you use it at night you won’t necessary need a night cream since Dove soap is made with 1/4 hydrating cream.


By doing this, not only did I save a HUGE amount of money, but within a month, I got rid of about half my acne. (The contraceptive pill took care of the other half a few years later) I’ve been using Dove soap to wash my face and body everyday for 7 years and I never had an issue with it. I only use a daytime moisturizer under my makeup  but that’s it. My face is as smooth as a baby’s. And now, studying nursing, we know a lot about skin and I can assure you that Dove soap won’t do any harm to your face. Sure, when you’ll tell your aesthetician what you use to wash your face she might have an heart attack but you and I know that she won’t find as much blackheads as the last time you went to see her.

Happy skincare!


Why Coffee Is Actually Good For You

PERFECTOriginally exported from Africa to countries around the world, coffee is now all around us. This slightly acidic beverage is mostly loved for the energetic boost it gives but have you ever wondered about its other benefits? Maybe you heard people talking about caffeine addiction and how it is a highly addictive drug and all that stuff but don’t be scared. Once we know how it works in our body, our regular cup of joe doesn’t look harmful at all and to be honest, it’s pretty healthy. With around 1,6 billions cups of coffee consumed worldwide everyday, our favorite brew has to be good for us!

Type 2 diabetes:
Coffee has been proven to lower the incidence of type 2 diabetes by 35% for regular consumers. As you might know, diabetes is one of the worst disease one can have since it affects pretty much every system in our body. As long as you don’t put 4 pack of sugars in it or worse, drink a caramel frappucino everyday, coffee and pancreas health go hand in hand.

Parkinson’s disease:
Authors of a study in the U.S. found that caffeine is linked with a lower incidence of Parkinson’s disease as well as helping control movement caused by the disease.

Liver health:
Your liver love its cup of coffee. If you’re someone who drinks alcohol regularly, this one is especially for you. Coffee consumption may lower the risk of alcoholic cirrhosis. Well, don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you that drinking  booze becomes harmless paired with coffee. This time, it’s not linked with caffeine content, decaf shows the same benefits for the liver.

We heart coffee:
Drinking coffee on a daily basis can lower your risk of suffering from a heart failure. While you might think that this doesn’t make sense since you feel your heart beating faster when you have caffeine, this fact is true for someone who drinks 2 cups of joe per day. Above that, no studies have shown heart health benefits.

A good reason to workout:
When we workout, our bodies use carbohydrates to give us energy. When it’s used up, it burns fat to make energy. This thing is great if your workout is on the short side. On the other side, if you train for endurance, drinking coffee before your workout session will help you to go longer without feeling tired. Caffeine will be used first and then slow down carbohydrate catabolism, making your energy last longer.

Making your mornings better:
The happy hormone, serotonin, is stimulated when you have your morning pick-me-up. It’s also stimulated only by smelling your java. Ever wondered why coffee helps when you’re feeling a little grumpy? Now you know!

Headache relieving:
Just look at the back of your acetaminophen (Tylenol) for headaches/migraine bottle. Just look. See? They contain caffeine. If you’re the kind of person who’s scared to take pills when they need to, try a regular cup of coffee, it might work just as well. Moreover, I just saved you money. Acetaminophen are pretty cheap by themselves but when they have an other purpose, the price might go up fast. Next time, try a regular one then brew yourself a nice hot cup of coffee and enjoy your headache relief in an hour or so.

Happy coffee drinking!


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