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Month: June 2016

Get Tanned Safely

Joys of summer! The smell of freshly cut grass, drinking coffee on your porch, enjoying a very late sunset and of course, having a lovely tan. Have you ever wondered why we get tanned? Why does your skin gets darker and why people say it’s so harmful to you? Fortunately, I have some concise answers for you. I’m here to help you make better decisions about your skin and health in general.

First, as you surely already know, there 2 main types of UV rays, wich are UVA and UVB rays. Natural UVA rays are not as harmful as the other kind since they don’t cause direct damage to the skin. However, since they pass through glass, they are used in tanning beds in huge, enormous quantities and there, they are really harmful to the skin.

UVB rays are the most detrimental ones for your skin. Fortunately, they can’t pass through glass so it’s easier to avoid them. They are the ones responsible for sunburns and damages to DNA. UVB rays reach the dermis of your skin and kill cells in your epidermis, making you look tan. Yes, you read that well, your tan is nothing more than dead cells which become darker when they die. Moreover, those rays cause disturbances in skin cell’s DNA, eventually leading to skin cancer, also called melanomia.

Ok great, but how do I prevent it from happening?
The answer is simple: sunscreen.
I already hear you from here. ”But if I wear sunscreen, I don’t get tanned” You’re right. At first, you don’t get AS tanned AS fast as you wish for. BUT, your skin cell regenerating system won’t get as saturated with all the disturbance at once and it will make you a LOT less prone to get skin cancer.

Convincing enough.

Have a safe tanning session!

Camille xx

Make Moving Day Easier

So. Moving day is coming and you know it. Maybe you’re optimistic about it because you’re upgrading your living place, or maybe not so much since you had to move out from this wonderful place of yours. One way or an other, moving day is the same. Packing boxes. Moving furniture. Shattering things on the ground. (Yep. Been there, done that)
Since I moved a fair amount of times, I can help making this day easier on you and your friends. Here are my 6 pro tips to make moving day easier.

1. Start packing boxes one week in advance.
Or at least 4-5 days. We always underestimate the amount of stuff in our possession. By starting to pack one week before the big day, it will help you get a clear view of the stuff you own.

2. Throw away. Give away.
Maybe with a little help from the magic 5 Item Rule To Declutter, or from your own way, you NEED to declutter. And moving is simply the best way to get rid of things you don’t need or want anymore. It will save you a lot of time packing and unpacking boxes.

3. Bring boxes before the big day. 
If it’s possible, try to take some boxes to your new place a few days before. It will make a HUGE difference.

4. Save space by vacuuming.
All your clothes, coats, sheets, quilts. Place them in vacuum seal bags and you won’t believe how space you saved and how it makes life easier.

5. Buy a few clear plastic bins.
You can put all the things you know you’ll need first like cleaning supplies and showering essentials.

6. Make sure you don’t throw away newspaper a few weeks in advance.
They cost absolutely nothing and make a great replacement for bubble wrap. You can use it to pack dishes and/or tableware.

I hope my moving knowledge helps you going through this exhausting day!
Happy packing! 🙂

Camille xx

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