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Month: February 2016

Get Rid Of Cat Hair For Good


If you’re like me, you love your cat unconditionally. No hair can get in between your fluffy pet and you and well, no one. With the busy schedule I have, cleaning and removing cat hair from pretty much everything in my apartment have to be simple yet efficient.  And I guess you feel the same way. Here are the 4 best ways to get rid of cat hair for good.

1- Rubber gloves on fabric (couch, chairs, curtains)
You simply wet your gloves and rub your hands on the fabric you want to remove the hair from. You will see strands of pet hair appear instantly and since they’ll be wet, none of them will fly away.

Use rubber gloves to remove cat hair from fabric

2- Use dry cloths to sweep floors – Never use a regular broom
A regular broom will do more harm than good. They do not trap hair like a cotton cloth will do. Instead, they make hair go all over the place, making you feel like you did a great job cleaning but 30 mins after you’re done, your pet hair will fall back on the floor.



3- Brush your cat everyday
Believe me, I know it’s hard. From finding the time to do it to trying to get your cat to stay in place for 2 mins. Just think about all the hair that’s left on the brush that won’t stick to your black clothes. It’s really worth it.

4- Use baking soda before vacuuming your carpet floors
Baking soda will loosen hair from carpet fibers and it will make it WAY easier for you to vacuum since you won’t have to go over the same spot 20 times.


Hope this will help you to keep a cat hair-free home without loosing your mind!
Have a great day, fellow cat lover xx


Easiest Path To Time-Management


Whether you have kids, you’re in college, high school or even working full-time, time-management can be really hard if not taken the right way. I used to have a lot of difficulties managing my time and well, procrastination was my best friend. With the new semester, I really wanted to be able to manage my time better so I tried a lot of ways to help with the situation (read ”dirty dishes and late assignments”). Fortunately, I found really great ways to get to better in time-management and I simply threw away ones that sound good but don’t actually work in real life.

1 – Use a planner. 
I know, it sounds like plain boring logic. The thing is, if you learn to use it properly, you will wonder how you were able to live without it. Try to remember to write down all your tasks without going in too much details – that’s when we tend to skip things.

2 – Take the time.
You’ll be surprised how it seems like we have so much more time when we stop trying to ”Find the time”. Just take the time, make the time.

3 – Focus.
You’ll get more done if you do one thing at a time than if you multitask like crazy. If you’re afraid to forget something, write it down.

4 – Get your mind on the right path.
By accomplishing small tasks, you will find yourself more motivated and confident to do bigger or harder tasks.

5 – Stay busy.
I know it might sound crazy but as long as you don’t feel overwhelmed, having a lot of things to do might just be the thing you need. Sometimes if we have 1 or 2 tasks to do in a week, we will wait until the last second to get them done. If we have a lot of different things going on, we naturally adapt to the situation.

6 – Use a little bit of hierarchy.
Time-Management becomes so much more easy if we accomplish the hardest tasks first. It may looks huge at first sight but try breaking it in smaller tasks. Again, it will make you feel more accomplished and happy.

7 – Stay away from those time-management apps and websites.
They won’t help you in the long run. Stop trying to find miraculous ways to become as organized as Martha Stewart. You need to make changes in your attitude towards time-management. I know it sounds harsh, but it’s true. See it as a challenge, a way to become an even better person that you already are.

Hope this helps 🙂


How To Make Your Home A Happier Place


We all do it. During the fall and winter months, we tend to replace vibrant colors in our home decor by darker and more neutral ones. Since it’s already all black, grey and white outside, why should we do the same in our houses? It’s been proven in a lot of studies that bright colors enhance the mood. The tricks that I’m about to give you will help making your home a happier place while improving your mood at the same time. Who wouldn’t want that?  I really hope that you try some of these in your own home because well, they actually work. I tried these myself and I felt a difference in seconds.

Colorful flowers : They can add life to your kitchen, living room, bedroom… basically, in every room in your house. Since fresh flowers might be expensive, you can find high quality artificial ones in the nearest craft store and they often look just as great!


Get a few indoor plants: Studies suggest that the absence of plants is distressing for human beings since we’ve pretty much been around them all the time in our history.

Declutter : The less clutter you have, the happier you will feel. It’s like taking a huge weight off from your shoulders.

Make your bed in the mornings : Especially if your bedroom is on the same level than the rest of the rooms. It’s proven to make you feel more accomplished and as a result, a happier person.


Hang  up some art on your walls : You’d be surprised how much only one painting can add life and happiness in a room.

Hope you give it a try! Happy decor changing!


Cold VS Flu – Know The Difference

health flu cold
In the colder months, getting a cold or the flu is pretty common. As much as those are recurrent, they might be hard to distinguish from each other. Before I went to nursing school, I had no idea how to tell them apart and that’s why I want to share a little bit of my knowledge with you.

Cold symptoms
– Sore throat
– Runny nose
– Congestion
– Cough (mainly caused by secretions)
– Fever may occur for children

Flu symptoms:
– Sore throat
– Headache
– Muscle ache
– Fever
– Cough

While the two of them have a few symptoms in common, the biggest difference is the fever, which will mainly cause the muscle ache.  If you’re still not sure how to distinguish one from the other, just know that if you have the flu, you almost won’t be able to get up from your couch. With a cold, you feel more tired but you’re still able to work and go through your normal day since it’s a milder respiratory illness than the flu.  Also, the flu will normally last longer than a cold.

How to prevent them both:
The BEST advice anyone working in healthcare could give you is to wash your hands pretty much all the time. This is the best way to stay away from a numerous amount of diseases.

How to heal them:
Cold – Decongestants and pain relievers if needed.
Flu – Decongestants, pain relievers, fever reducers.

You will never need any antibiotics to heal those two illnesses. The only time you will need them is if it turns out to be a bacterial infection such as a pneumonia.  Remember that the flu virus can stay alive for 72 hours on a hard surface so don’t forget to disinfect around your house!

Hope this helps!
Happy healing!


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