GET THE BEST SKINI’m guilty as charged. I watched like 100 different skincare routine videos on YouTube and you know what? Throughout all the research I’ve done on the subject, I came to find the most universal and best way to look good when bare faced.

Yes. It works for pretty much everyone. Well, it WOULD  if people gave the runner a chance. In the beauty industry, people want to sell products. Sad but true. They want to make you believe that you need this $75 toner and that $45 cleanser. Well, you don’t. In fact, if they do wonders for you I’m happy but I want to help you to upgrade your skincare regiment while making it wallet friendly.

For fun, let’s make a list of what we are supposed to need:
-Face makeup remover
-Eyes makeup remover
-Night hydrating cream
-Day hydrating cream
-Hydrating serum
-Eye cream

I think that’s pretty much it. Then, what if I told you that you could replace a lot of products mentioned here with only one? I know I know, it seems too wonderful to be true but trust me, as someone who struggled with severe acne (I literally had like 3-4 breakouts for every square inch of my face and back -gross, I know) I had to find a solution. Back in time, I tried almost every ProActiv and Clean & Clear acne product on the market. Every one of them left me with even worst acne a few days later. Those products strip your skin of its natural oils and then, naturally, your skin reacts by producing more and more oil, making the acne uncontrollable.

That was all before I went to see my doctor about this issue. She told me that the less products I would use, the better my skin would react. In fact, she told me to use regular Dove soap to wash my face (or the one for sensitive skin). That’s right, your good old Dove soap can make such a big difference. Believing her was hard at first since I was taught by all those beauty gurus that I needed 15 different products in my bathroom cabinet. Then, I gave it a chance. It’s so gentle that you can remove your eye makeup/face makeup with it, wash your face, and dish your toner. Even more, if you use it at night you won’t necessary need a night cream since Dove soap is made with 1/4 hydrating cream.


By doing this, not only did I save a HUGE amount of money, but within a month, I got rid of about half my acne. (The contraceptive pill took care of the other half a few years later) I’ve been using Dove soap to wash my face and body everyday for 7 years and I never had an issue with it. I only use a daytime moisturizer under my makeup  but that’s it. My face is as smooth as a baby’s. And now, studying nursing, we know a lot about skin and I can assure you that Dove soap won’t do any harm to your face. Sure, when you’ll tell your aesthetician what you use to wash your face she might have an heart attack but you and I know that she won’t find as much blackheads as the last time you went to see her.

Happy skincare!